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Loan Modification

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BUY A Home With Challenged Credit

New Home Purchase Referral Program

Credit  Restoration


At Vivre Resolution Group, we understand that getting assistance regarding, keeping or selling your home can be frightening and in many cases expensive. At VRG, we minimize the risk because we don't collect any fees from a homeowner until after we complete the service. We also provide a custom "e-book" and software application for homeowners who are seeking to modify their loan to keep them informed of the process. Since Vivre does not make any money until the service is complete, we have all the incentive to complete the process as soon as possible. 

​Have you been wrongfully denied for a loan modification or a short sale? Have you been given an approval you can't afford and "steered" into a worse program? Take advantage of the FREE income, mortgage and property analysis to see where your loan modification scenario stands. If your scenario does not qualify we will advise as to why it failed and how your scenario can possibly be fixed.

Vivre Resolution Group is also affiliated with the Lazarus Housing Program (LHP), a non-profit organization with a mission to educate residential and commercial property owners on preventive measures to secure their properties. We not only seek financial resolutions for our clients, but we also enlighten them on ways to maintain a solid and steady financial status. As a result, a dramatic change in the economy leads to fewer foreclosures; a decrease in crime and divorce rates; and opportunities for families and business owners to help build a more stable environment. If you’re looking for a solution for the economic struggles with your mortgage, contact us for a personal and confidential interview. Let us begin working toward the best possible financial resolution for you and your family.

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​When you're struggling and trying to find a way to make a way for you to keep your family's home, you don't need any extra wood thrown in the fireplace!Always proceed with caution, when seeking help to avoid losing your home to foreclosure or getting a more affordable payment through a loan modification.Don't gamble with what's in the best interest for you and your family when you're trying to seek help with any property distresses, including foreclosures and loan modifications. Educate yourself on how to avoid being a victim of a Foreclosure Rescue Scam! See what the FDIC and FTC advises:scams

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